Thursday, September 2, 2010

your schedule

If you are like me and both a full time student and full time employee (and full time dad) then you will soon learn that your time is very valuable and as such, it makes sense to optimize it. From time to time I may post examples of the extremes I have taken to allow for time. My time constraints are a bit extreme, and I would assert that are right up there with anyone that has gone through AMP.

As such, I'll get right to the point. I'll give credit to Kanshu, our illustrious TA for this, who pointed out that the best optimization of your time is to spend time Sunday on the material from the past weekend. It seems draconian to follow up your weekend in Charlottesville with a full day of reading and studying, but you will find that when the material is fresh in your mind you will be better able to capitalize on this for your homework.

Also, for God's sake, read your assignment. In class you will either have to pay attention to the lecture or transcribe the lecture. Your choice. But you won't have time to both grok the lecture and to accurately reflect what the professor is telling you.

If you are in AMP then it is safe to assume that you have already made a large commitment in terms of time, money and opportunity cost to be here. I'd challenge anyone to come up with a good reason to not make the most of the program( and that includes reading ahead of the lecture).

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