Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time Sacrifrices

Case in point; My mother is visiting and is playing outside with my son in some of the best weather we have had in some time. I am stuck upstairs reading and working on risk. I could blow it off, but then I would be behind, so that isn't an option. The pace here doesn't allow you to get behind, especially not in the first week.

Takeaways? Be prepared to sacrifice family time, and be absolutely sure that you don't fall behind, especially at the beginning of the course. You may want to budget more time just to make sure you don't.

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  1. My advice is to get a strong commitment from your family (wife/parents/kids) before entering into the AMP program. A then-current student in the AMP program gave me that advice when I visited for an open-house, and it has served my situation very well. The family needs to understand that during this year-long period, things will be different. The family will need to pitch in significantly to help you succeed. If not, count on at least 2x the stress, which I think would have been past my tipping point.