Saturday, January 1, 2011

Intro, Network and Probability

While we have a little break in school I want to circle back and jot down some quick hits about what happened in AMP before I started blogging about the experience.

For the target audience( prospective AMP students) its a good idea to come to an open house and see Saunders Hall, Darden proper and meet Prof Smith, Mrs. Harrison and Prof Scherer.  Prof Scherer will be your professor for the first week of Intro.

Granted, Intro has been a long 8 months ago at this point, so my memories are probably viewed through rose colored glasses at this point. Professor Scherer is a high energy professor and one of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of being around. In hindsight, Intro plays an important role in the educational process and I won't play the spoiler. The class and the week are great. I learned a lot and I walked away from that class with a lot. My hope is that your experience there will be as good as mine or better.

The next two classes are Network Optimization and Probability. For me, probability consumed as much as 10x the amount of time as Network Optimization. I have found out, though, that others did not feel this time crunch, which is not all that hard to believe. I did not do particularly well in probability.

Network optimization is a discipline that transcends computer networks. It has very little to do with routers, subnets etc. In fact, this was a bit of a frustration for me, working in software, in that many of those that I spoke with at work heard the phrase "Network Optimization" and could not think of anything more than cat-6e and server farms.

In hindsight, I would have been well served to have taken the probability class offered by Professor Lark ahead of the AMP program. Unless you are a solid pro with probability with lots of time on your hands, its hard for me to imagine a situation where the probability refresher would be a waste of your time.

Your next classes are Risk and Econ, and I think I have those fairly well covered.

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