Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post for Posterity

We have a stats exam tomorrow.  Our final is something like 40% of our grade, so I am, as a classmate said, "Anxiety on defcon 5." I didn't realize how important the in class homework assignments(quiz) is to our grade until too late so I am regretting that move. Hopefully, that will be curved up some. I have done well on the actual homework assignments so I hope that translates well to the exam. I took the practice exam and have studied that several time so I feel pretty confident. Unfortunately, I have felt confident about tests before and bombed them so this is not a good predictor.

I have grown to quite like Prof Brown. He isn't exactly the easiest professor ever, but I liken him to the gruff football coach that you hate while you are doing the 20th wind sprint but appreciate after the fact.

I came to Charlottesville early to come to the Darden TA sessions. I have found them to be very helpful.

I am currently at the doubletree, having a refreshment and looking over the material one more time. Again.

I haven't even looked at the sim assignment. I have done well on the first couple of assignments, and the homework there constitutes 2.5% of my grade per week, so I did an optimization. Or something.  I'll take a swing at it tomorrow. Saturday we play the bay game, will be nice to finally see that.

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