Monday, December 20, 2010

December Break

Quite a nice break, actually. Finished the sim mid term last night. Some people did theirs last weekend. Starting on stats momentarily.

Sleep. Glorious sleep. I have been sleeping a lot since the last day of school. Slept in this weekend a little. Took a Saturday morning off.

I feel like I can see the finish line from here. There remains a rather intimidating stats exam, 2 more sessions of this semester, the electives and then the last week.

I'm starting to think hard about what to do post graduation to keep up the momentum. I want to keep studying in some capacity.  The intersection of skills learned in AMP with skills applicable to the smart grid is quite significant. I'm anxious to apply some of the skills learned here to the Energy sector, perhaps I will find an as of yet undiscovered application of these skills and disciplines. Or maybe it will help me understand what we already know about energy a little better. Either way, very pleased with the relevance of the program to my particular career concentration.

We return to school in less than 2 weeks. I'm hopeful to find some time to review what we have covered in stats so far and perhaps have some time to read ahead a little.

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