Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New AMP Student Prep

My decision to enter AMP was made a bit late, and therefore I did not get a chance to perform all the prep I wanted to before the first week in-residence. It had been ~14 years since my undergraduate degree, and many of my academic skills and knowledge had faded. My plan was to do as much as I could before I headed down to UVA, but I only achieved cursory refresher reviews on some subjects (and no refresher on others).

Prep review has three benefits:
1) It can fill any gaps or fuzzy areas in your knowledge base. (integration by parts? huh? ohh... yeah...)
2) It will kick start the academic habits (you forget that the discipline needed after ~14 years)
3) It will give you the confidence to undertake this journey.

Here is what I suggest reviewing, if you have enough time:

A) Calculus - Integration, double integration, differentiation, etc.
I had watched several of the seminars provided by MIT's Open Courseware, and I recommend the courses with video lectures. (Check under the 'Tools' for the course)


B) Probability - Discrete probabilities, PDFs, CDFs, etc.


C) Matrix Algebra - Representing a system of linear equations, matrix transformations and computation.

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