Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Posts

So JZF has invited me to post some of my impressions to the UVA AMP blog as full-fledged posts. As usual, I wanted to completely change the way he has the blog set up, and pushed him to add a Label list on the sidebar.

Since my posts will be out of chronological order, the easiest way to access my posts, in conjunction with JZF's posts is to use the labels to find related posts. In addition, all of my posts should also have 'Guest Post', if you wanted to view posts other than JZF's.

With graduation countdown at T-6 days, I am both excited to close the chapter, but sad to move on. As I have said to everyone, like most scholastic endeavors, AMP will return in proportion to what you put into it. It is hard to move on from something you have worked hard at, even if it was painful up until the final second. Alas, time marches on.

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