Monday, November 8, 2010

Still in recovery

That weekend took a lot out of me.

I also think its worth noting that we paid $42 to have our final printed at Kinko's, for what its worth.

Tonight I am finishing up the risk final, which is not supposed to be a formal analysis. I think the meat of our grade will come from the final project. I hope so, at any rate. I think the intent here is to get some sort of post paper analysis of your project.

I have yet to start on the next mini-mester's HW and I feel a bit behind already. Of course, in the shell game that is the dance of trying to find enough time to be productive at home, be there for your family and have this level of involvement at school required that I put in both time with my son this weekend and put in time at the office on Sunday.

All worth it, IMO.

Also, I got pulled over tonight for expired tags. From August. I was like, wait, its not August yet is it? Some things have I let "slide" because I have been a "little busy."

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