Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stats is hard

i'm just now finishing up week 1's homework assignment. Some things the prospective AMP student needs to know;

You've probably just finished up Risk. Stats will give you no quarter.
Do prepare for Stats. Our class appears to be "emerging to standard" to put it nicely. Professor Brown suggested, in response to our exasperation, to practice as we read through.
which brings me to my next point. Do read through first. It's clear those of us who have read and those of us who haven't.

You will want to fully absorb this course as the skills learned here are powerful. So is risk. I think maybe we over-did risk at the expense of Stats. That's the royal we.

R is very much like programming, or so it seems to those who don't program for a living. So if you aren't comfortable developing by google, you will need extra time to get comfortable with R. There is no escaping this.

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