Saturday, October 2, 2010

more continuum

Today's status - head down, trying to get my arms around the risk assignments and prep for the mid term.
Cal Newport says you should study the material until you get to the point where you can teach it. I am hoping to recalibrate to this goal.

My "special friend " is a HR project manager who just happens to be putting together a project plan and she must account for risk. I'm hoping to be able to teach her some of the concepts we are learning in risk and perhaps we can create some of these awesome charts and graphs we end up creating in academia. That's a win win.

On the flipside, we are well into econ and haven't received any grades yet. As an engineer,the lack of feedback makes me wee uncomfortable, but I am sure we are doing fine.  Though I am singularly focused on risktoday, I will start on the econ final tomorrow. Per usual, the final expects us to incorporate everything we have learned so far in the course, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Which leads me to this;

as you go along in class, be sure to grasp everything as you go, as you will see it again. This is very different from some of my undergrad experience. If something baffles you, you can kind of minimize it and get through.

The expectation of AMP is that you grok everything. This is true even though we are doing a master's degree in less than a year.

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