Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AMP weekends

Since this question, "How much of a time commitment is AMP", is asked a lot about AMP, I am going to go ahead and post again on this topic both for posterity and to try to really give prospective AMP enrollee's a perspective.

Thursday and Friday night, I think I got a total of 8 hours sleep. Friday I was up at 4, reviewed our presentation for completeness, then out the door to Charlottesville. I was nursing a sore throat this weekend so I wasn't exactly sleeping well anyway. Charlottesville a few minutes before class started (do not be late for Professor Haimes' class!) Class all day, presentations in the afternoon. Mid term retake at 5 because I flat out bombed the first one, along with a few others. Dinner, then seminar, then worked with my econ group to finish our homework. Bed at 1. Up again at 6, scrambled for a printer that actually worked and had paper, then breakfast, class. Left Charlottesville at 4. So, from Thursday night after work at 5 until Saturday at 4pm, I was either doing something for AMP, sleeping or eating.

Now, I normally give a fellow cohort member a ride back to Richmond, but there was a game that he stayed for.  I feel bad for him because I am normally grumpy and brain dead by this time so the ride back is not pleasant.

Saturday nights after AMP are a good time to schedule something social or to spend time with your family or friends.  You will not feel like do anything productive.

I had an oyster fest to attend which was nice, but its always hard to hide your mental fatigue. Fortunately, most people are understanding when you mentioned that you've had no sleep.

Crashed early Saturday night, up late (to me, 8:30) Sunday morning. Brunch at Black Sheep, which I highly recommend,  including copious amounts of caffeine. Then more coffee and the post at Starbucks.. and then a nap.

It was about 3p before I felt like doing anything productive.

I am constantly trying to find the right amount of work/rest ratio that produces the best output (d/dx that function?)

I am sure others have a much different story to tell, but that is mine and that is my typical AMP weekend. Hopefully, it gives insight to what kind of time commitment you are looking at with AMP. The good news is that this only lasts a year and we are halfway done already.

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