Friday, August 27, 2010

first day of risks reactions

We are about to go down to the intramural area for the family picnic which starts now, so I will give some quick hits here,

Professor Haimes is incredible, and is a big deal in the field of risk analysis. We are fortunate to learn from him;

Lots of homework.

im surprised at the number of people that did not read. Disappointed, really. But I guess I am the nerd for having read. But that is the type of learner I am.

Everyone made it back.

Only one person was late, but he was late several times today, so there is that. I think it his thing. Prof. Haimes gave him a subtle dig.

No end of the day quiz is phenomenal.

Also, lots of talk about the exams. I think I did okay. I guess we will find out. I hope I did okay.

Again, lots of homework.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. I had a moment to hit the gym between class and now. Great gym over there but a little crowded.

I have to take some time tonight to read for econ, cause I am a nerd like that.

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