Friday, August 27, 2010

Exams are done

Today is the deadline to turn in exams. I've been mostly done with these since the 20th, but I've held on to them in case I get an epiphany of some sort. I redid my probability exam and its hopefully a good thing that I did because I clearly had one answer wrong.

Also, we had a 3 week "break," which wasn't a break at all because the whole time I was anxious about these exams and the 40% or so of the final grade that they represent. I have the worst image in my head of Professor Smith coming in to the classroom to pull me out of the program for sub par grades. I also worry that if I had just done a little bit more I would have done a lot better. It was really hard to let the exams go. I had to just put all of that out of my head and submit the exams.

I'm up early and anxious to get to Charlottesville. I'm giving myself an hour and a half to get there because class is back in session and I hate being late, especially on the first day. That being said, I'd put money on at least 2 people being late.

The last break we returned from there was one victim of attrition. I hope we all return.

We have Risk Analysis today which I am excited about. I suspect that this will be the more difficult class of the 2 for the next 10 weeks.

I had a nice chit chat with my VP yesterday. When I brought up my participation in this program, he indicated that my company "felt" it. My productivity shows that I have "a few things going on." It was, however, for my career one of those meetings where someday I may look back and see the gravity of the event. There are several good things that came up. Wish me luck.

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